thank you for your donation.

A couple of times a year we receive a huge load of brand new donated from a local organization.  The donated items usually consist of things like hygiene items, cleaning supplies, clothes, shoes and such.  While going through the most recent bundle I came across these:

thigh high boots fit for a prostitute -- knee pads included.

Really guys??  REALLY?!!  Who designed these and worse, who invested the money to have them made?!  AND EVEN WORSE who thought it wise and generous to give them to homeless women??!!!

Someone needs to be fired, stat.

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5 Responses to thank you for your donation.

  1. emily Crawford says:

    well.. all i have to say is, thank God they are in your size. you can keep them and we will go to the verdugo and pick up on guys that work at the observatory.


  2. Richard Durrance says:

    Well, until I saw Emily’s response, I was gonna agree with you, R…errr…. Miss R! 🙂
    Nonetheless, preach it sister! (and, I suppose…wear them well…)


  3. Dan Lapwing says:

    I’m pretty sure those boots were worn by Cher in her music video “If I could turn back time.”


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