Three Strikes, You’re Out.

Mr. DT: So Miss R., Opening Day for the Dodgers was this week, are you pretty excited about that?

Me: YES! So excited! I love this time of year SO MUCH! The Dodgers make me soooo happy!

Mr. DT: Soooo also, are you pretty excited that Christmas is only 8 months away?

Me: Ummm well, it seems a bit far off, but I am pretty obsessed with Christmas, so you know I get excited the closer it gets, in fact I was just telling someone that I wish it was Christmastime again….why, do you ask?

Mr. DT: Before I get to that, I was also going to tell you, we are watching a movie with Justin Timberlake in it, in the Community Room in a few minutes, do you want to come watch with us? Oh yeah and by the way, can I have a dollar?

Me: Huh? No. What? I’m sorry, you know I am not allowed to give you money, we’ve talked about that.

Mr. DT: Dangit! I was really hoping that if I got you thinking about Christmas, baseball and Justin Timberlake that you’d be so overly excited that you’d forget that rule and just want to make me as happy as I just made you by bringing up all you crazy obsessions. Eh whatever, I tried…see ya.

I’ll be honest it almost worked.

p.s. Next time you think your job conditions are less than perfect, please note that I have now been eaten alive by bedbugs for the second time in my career. Thank you.

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One Response to Three Strikes, You’re Out.

  1. Yikes…that was amazing.


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